Monday, 17 April 2017

End of day 6

It's very nice to be back on the frugal track again, much as I love living it up with Mum and Dad.  The trouble with getting out of pattern is that I've ended up feeling very hungry this afternoon and I don't usually.  Never mind, I pushed on through and won the battle!

Today went like this:
B:  toast and fruit.   Total free because I was still away
L:  leek and potato soup and a free apple (Dad slipped it in my bag because I didn't have room for it at breakfast)   Total: 13p
D:  Cheese toastie, coleslaw, tomato, yogurt and stewed rhubarb   Total 36p
S/S:  banana   Total 12p

plus a batch of natural yogurt   Total 49p

So - I had £15.47
I spent £1.10 (including the yogurt)
Remaining:  £14.37

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