Sunday, 30 April 2017

Looking ahead to May (the month, not the politician)

April was a success from the finance point of view but not so much so from the nutrition side of things.  Too many meals out, family get togethers, birthday treats . . . which were lovely and I appreciate them but stepping on the scales was not satisfying!  Not an utter disaster but not what I should have seen.

Ah, well, leave it all behind and . . .

I'm continuing with 5-2 - £8 a week, under £35 a month.  Not bad in anyone's money.  It has proved itself and I don't want to move away from it.  It works with my lifestyle and is adaptable.  I haven't made great inroads into my freezer yet because so many weekends have been off challenge but it's better than it was!

What will change is that I will count up rather than down.  I shall keep running totals of how much I could have spent and how much I actually have spent.  Hopefully, the latter will be less than the former.

I shall run it from month to month now.  Starts of the first day, ends on the last day with a weigh.  Much more sensible.

The left over money from April will buy some more apfs to start May off.  Things like butter, oil, herbs, yogurt, etc.  Works for me!

And that's more or less it really!

It would be lovely to get more comments.  Please feel free . . .

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