Sunday, 9 April 2017

My 5-2 Budget Challenge

I've done two cycles of the 30-30 challenge (which have worked really well) but I'm going to change things a bit because of the food I have in the freezer which needs using up, not to mention wanting to try out my new cookery book!

I'm calling it 'My 5-2 Budget Challenge'

Each week will be split into five days (Monday to Friday) at a pound a day and two days (the weekend) at £1.50 a day.   Hence the new name.

It is going to run from the start to the finish of each month (except for this month when it will run from tomorrow to the end of the month).  I have counted up the days on 5 and the days on 2 and worked out the budget accordingly, so it won't be £30 any more.
So, for April, there are 14 days at a pound and 3 days at £1.50, so the budget for April will be £18.50.  The other days are off-challenge, mostly for family reasons.

apfs (already paid fors), carrying money on, etc, will still be exactly the same.  In fact, nothing else will change.

If there are other challenge days, the relevant amount will be taken off the budget.

If a weekend day is, for some reason, much more frugal, I will call it a pound day and adjust the budget accordingly.  I bet it won't be though!

I'll continue to weigh myself at the end of each cycle which will now be the end of each month - that makes more sense to me.

I think that's it!  It should be good and, over time, will stop me worrying about that stuff in the freezer that isn't being used.

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