Thursday, 6 April 2017

Quo Vadis?

Or 'where are you going?' - in other words, where am I going next with all this?

A while ago I had a bit of a ponder about next steps.
I want to carry on but I also want to (need to) start using up stuff in the freezer that doesn't work with a pound a day.  After asking around and being given some extremely helpful suggestions (thanks - you know who you are), this is what I'm going to do.

The name at the top will change.  It's now going to be My 5-2 Budget Challenge.
Actually, the only difference is a pound.

On weekdays I am going to stick with a pound a day.  It's going great, I've got used to it, I'm saving a ton and losing weight.  What's not to like?

At the weekend, my budget will leap to a lavish £1.50 a day.
Breakfasts and lunches will remain the same - a max of 20p and 30p respectively.
Dinners can go up to £1.00.  I'm not going to be silly about it, my meals will still be well balanced (I hope) and won't be wasteful but it means I can have things like lasagne now and again and a fresh pepper can go on the shopping list from time to time.

I will still use apfs and, if my weekend spends are within a pound, I will call it a pound rather than £1.50 for carrying forward purposes.

Saturday is the last day of this current cycle.  On Sunday morning I will do the end of cycle weigh-in before having a day off-challenge and starting the new one next Monday which will finish at the end of April.

The number crunching will be a bit tricky - I think I will have to have two separate systems going - I must do something so there's clear accountability.

End of ramble.  It does help to think out loud; thanks for listening.

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