Friday, 28 April 2017

Recipe: home made pizza

Morrisons had some yellow sticker pepperami things - those 'fingers' that you get in lunch boxes.  At 12.5p each (50p for a pack of four), it was too good to miss.  Now I have to think of how to use them.

Pizza came to mind, partly because I read yesterday about making them in a pan/under the grill, rather than in the oven.  Worth giving it a go, thought I.

Ingredients to make a pizza for one.
For the base
75g SR flour plus extra for rolling
some natural yogurt
salt, pepper

Ingredients for the topping
Tomato puree or a mixture of puree and tomato sauce (I used some passata from the garden tomatoes last year with some puree and a little bit of ketchup
Mixed herbs, a bit of garlic puree
Some onion, sliced and softened in a little oil
One 'finger' of pepperami, sliced
(any other veg you would like to use, also pre cooked - I didn't)
finely grated cheddar - I used 30g.

Mix the tomato sauces together and add mixed herbs and garlic puree to taste.  Don't add salt if you use ketchup but I added some pepper.
Saute the onion in a little oil in a small pan (that you will use to make the pizza in), remove from the pan but don't clean it.
Have everything ready.
Turn on the grill.

Mix ingredients to a soft dough (add more flour or yogurt if needed).  Roll or punch out to a circle to fit in a small frying pan).
Place in pan, prick all over and cook over a low heat, like this.

Remove from heat when the top looks as if it has cooked through from the bottom.  It's easy to lift up and look, if you want.
Spread over the tomato sauces, then sprinkle over the onion and the pepperami.  Top with the grated cheddar and add some black pepper.
Like this:
Place pan carefully under the grill - don't put the handle under if it is not heat proof, leave it sticking out or tip the pizza onto an oven proof tray.

Grill until the topping is piping hot and bubbling.
Serve immediately.

It was very, very tasty!

Because all the ingredients are pretty frugal, it is going to be pretty frugal and you can make it with whatever you like really so it is very flexible.

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