Monday 11 December 2023

Monday, 11-12-23: Christmas Challenge

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to my maintaining on Slimming World blog where I talk about the meals I enjoy while maintaining my target weight and keeping a healthy balanced diet.
Through December, I am going to try to incorporate as much Christmas themed food as possible while still following SW guidelines (mostly) and remaining within my target range.

I am starting to ponder the way ahead after the festive season is over and I have lost my Christmas/cruise gain which won't be an awful lot, I hope, but it would be unrealistic to expect no gain at all.
  I want to stay with the general structure - lots of veg and fruit, lean protein, careful carbs (but not unlimited - that doesn't work for me), measured fibre and calcium and carefully controlled extras (I'm not calling them 'treats' - that conveys the wrong thing to me).
I have a few ideas but just need to think it through a bit more carefully.  Watch this space.

Yesterday's meal photos:

I went all vitamin C for breakfast, having one big orange and four tiny easy peelers.

This is the first time I have used the Yorkshire wrap recipe actually as a wrap.  It didn't hold its wrap- folded sape, hence the fork, but it was pick-up-able and it was so delicious.

In the wrap I had cranberry sauce, slices of turkey, some roasted root veg (I deliberately made too much on Saturday) and one pig in a blanket.  All of that, with some broad beans, sprouts and cauliflower, made a really scrummy lunch.

Later on, I had an apple.
Tea was pasta shapes with some softened onion, red pepper and mushroom plus 30g hard Italian cheese melted in and I cooked the Christmas meatbaubles in Nellie.

As often happens, this turkey mince mixture as a burger was lovely yesterday but even better second day as meatballs (sorry, meatbaubles!).

That was it - I had no more room for any fruit.

I don't know of this sort of food will result in a bit of a loss on Friday, but it is certainly keeping me satisfied and on plan.

Today's meal plans:

B:  fruit
SW:  syn free

L:  sticky chicken kebabs, salad and festive coleslaw 🎄; fruit
I have a friend round for lunch, a fellow SW girl, so I can stick to plan without any problems.
The sticky chicken is a SW recipe - honey (or similar), soy sauce and balsamic vinegar, and I thought it would be nicer to serve as kebabs rather than just as separate lumps.  I'm making the coleslaw festive by adding some dried cranberries and crumbled chestnuts
SW:  two and a half syns for sweetened dried cranberries, two and a half syns for one tbsp honey (in the marinade) and one syn for mayo in the coleslaw while chestnuts can be part of a B

D:  chicken escalope, cranberry sauce 🎄, mushrooms and tomatoes
I plan to use a chicken sizzler, egg and breadcrumb it and cook it it Nellie using some spray oil.  For extra flavour, I will mix some grated Italian cheese in with the breadcrumbs.  It works really well.
SW:  up to one healthy extra A, the rest of my B for breadcrumbs and one syn for the last of the cranberry sauce I made on Saturday

Exercise:  Nothing organised but it will be a fairy energetic day, I think.

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
seven syns
For information:
The Slimming World structure:
While following the plan, you can have . . .

Any amount of speed and free food - BUT try to have a third of your plate as speed food as a sub for free food, NOT as well as . . .  Eat to satisfaction, not to stuffed-ness!

Two healthy extra As (calcium) and one healthy extra B (fibre) - details in the SW pack and on the SW web site/app.

Between five and fifteen syns-worth of synned food - again, details in the pack, site and app.  They are a limit to stay within, not a target to hit.

As a target member, I can also have . . .

Another two healthy extras each day
Another fifteen syns up to three times each week
BUT - only if I need/want to.  It's a limit, not a target

. . . with the ultimate aim of not needing to count healthy extras, syns, etc at all but just knowing and eating well instinctively.

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