Friday, 27 January 2023

Friday, 27-01-23: low spend/no spend January

Morning, everyone!
A lot of the lunches this week have been using up leftovers from the night before.  It's good that they are used up but it means I'm not using up freezer stuff.  I often find it is very hard to cook little enough for one person.  Are you in the same boat?  What do you do to get round it?

SW group and weigh in this morning.  We will see . . .

Yesterday's meals:

I had time to have a proper breakfast yesterday - kiwi, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries with yogurt and it was lovely!
The butterbean and feta burgers were very nice second day.
While tidying my pull-out cupboard in the kitchen, I found some sachets from my Hello Fresh days, one of which was a little pot of red pepper and chilli jam and it was absolutely gorgeous with the burgers.  It's a Tracklement product and I am sorely tempted . . .  maybe when February starts, using a bit of the money saved this month.
One tbsp is two syns but this was more like two tsps so around one and a half syns.
A tasty dinner too - chick pea and broad bean falafels and roasted veg in a pitta and I made a sauce using yogurt, mint sauce and lemon juice.  Yum and very filling!

No room for any pud.

Today's plans

B:  yogurt and fruit
Just what it says
SW:  syn free (plain yogurt)

L:  mini cottage pie, assorted veg; fruit
The mini pie is one of the things I have had in the freezer for a while and the veg is one of those microwave steam things - very handy and very easy.
SW:  two and a half syns for the pie

D:  bangers and cheesy mash, onion gravy, Med veg; hi fi bars
I've been craving this all week!!  A couple of Morrison's Cumberland chipolatas and I have saved my cheese up to make a really cheesy mash - haven't had that for ages.  In the Bad Old Days, I'd have loaded it with butter too but not any more.
The onion gravy will be bisto-ey and marmite-y and very umami and I will either spray fry or air fry the veg - pepper, mushroom, onion, tomatoes.
The dessert is because there's a new hi fi bar out and I got a pack.  If I don't plan them in, I will eat them anyway!
A bit of a self indulgent day but still well within plans
SW:  the sausages are two syns each so let's say six syns (might be four), the mash is both my healthy extra As, Bisto will be two syns and the hi fi bars will be my healthy extra B

Ex:  a Shimmy Snippet and maybe a walk in the park, weather permitting.

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
ten and a half syns - I thought it would be more.

What is low spend, no spend?

All I will buy through January is essentials - and by that I mean food such as fresh fruit, veg and dairy/eggs.  All other foods will come out of my existing supplies and, to be honest, that may not be much of a challenge.  Also included in any low spend essentials are cleaning products and toiletries although I think I am fine for the latter.  
Also anything else essential that I won't think of until it lands!
That is the low spend part.

Everything else, unless it is either a regular bill/payment/commitment, will not happen.  No sneaky little Amazon purchases, no 'bargains' from the supermarket, certainly no clothes . . .
That's the no spend part.


  1. Mmm, that falafel/roasted veg pitta looks absolutely gorgeous. Hope SW went well. xx

    1. It was so delicious, Sooze. I think I got the idea from a Hello Fresh meal and I should have it more often. Proper comfort stuff. xx