Friday 3 August 2018

Friday, 03-08-18

Good morning.
After the gourmet delights of the fish finger pitta, things are back to normal today.

B:  overnight oats with natural yogurt and honey
The last of this current batch of soaked oats and I fancied a bit of proper sweetener with it!  The honey in the cupboard is so old it has crystallised and I know that when I pop it in the microwave, the container will distort.  I will decant it into a glass jar and maybe get honey in glass jars from now on.  That kind tends to cost more but I use so little that it hardly matters.  Reducing plastic is perhaps more important.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could take your own jar and get the shop to fill it for you.  Morrisons has started

L:  just a salad, I think, with whatever I can scramble together.  A fridge rubble salad!

D:  salmon with peas and new potatoes
Not that cheap (the salmon on its own is over £2) but as I*'m not paying, it's the most frugal meal of the day.  The potatoes will be from the allotment.

One other frugally fing, not food related, is that I got round to sorting out my loose change jar this week and was able to make a deposit of £30 in the bank.  Not bad for something that I hardly miss and which stops my purse getting too heavy.

I probably won't be posting tomorrow or Sunday but I'll be back Monday.


  1. What are overnight oats? Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Oh, they're lovely. I'll answer as a separate post. :-)