Friday 10 August 2018

Friday, 10-08-18

Good morning!

Well, yesterday ended up a bit of a washout as it rained all day.  No complaints, it was gorgeously cool, my grass was greening up almost as I watched and I didn't need to water the allotment.  All good things.

Another good thing is that I made a frittata for lunch as we didn't get to Hyde Hall so that used up some courgette and some tomatoes (in the side salad).  See the new banner photo.

And here's dinner.  Using runner beans certainly makes for a colourful meal.

Today's plans
B:  oat galette with natural yogurt and prunes.
Well - I had plums yesterday!  I suddenly really fancied prunes, I was doing a small essential shop yesterday and Morrisons had three bags of ready to eats for £3.00 which seemed very good value.  They certainly won't be wasted as I can use them for snacks too.

L:  It might be Hyde Hall, in which case it will be soup but if we don't go, Alex has asked for bangers and mash so I'll probably open a tin of beans and have beans on toast as I really don't fancy a big meal midday.

D:  A treat.  Steak with runner beans, roasted tomatoes and SW chips.

Ss:  2 pieces of fruit

Must plan next week's meals today!

A nice, non-food frugal thing.  I take part in the YouGov surveys for which I get points.  When they total 5,000 points (which takes quite a while) I exchange them for £50 the latest of which will be landing in my bank account soon when it will be shifted sideways into savings for holiday spending in October.


  1. Frittatas are one of our favourite lunch things lately. So useful for using up odds and ends of things.

    1. Absolutely! And really pretty healthy - quiche without the pastry really but much more veg content than a quiche. I love frittata.