Thursday 2 August 2018

Thursday, 02-08-18

Good morning.

B:  overnight oats (again) with some blueberries and natural yogurt
Always healthy, frugal and delicious

L:  fish finger and salad pitta
I know it sounds weird but this is what I will do.  Split a pitta in half and smear a little mayo on the inside.  Then place on some fish fingers (oven baked, no added oil), some lettuce and some tomatoes.  Pop on the top and enjoy!  Easy.
The fish fingers were on special at Morrisons (only one box left so I was lucky), the pitta is YS, bought and frozen a few weeks ago and the tomatoes are from the garden.  Oh, and the mayo is home made.  All very healthy too, apart from the mayo!

D:  frittata with a side salad and some new potatoes
I shall use allotment mange tout and courgettes for the frittata plus a wonky onion and a bit of red pepper and chorizo (maybe) and there's enough garden tomatoes to have some in the side salad.  Two eggs and 30g grated cheddar should be enough as I won't make a big frittata. The potatoes will be allotment grown too.

I'm looking forward to today's meals.  They should be tasty.


  1. I love fish finger sandwiches. With salad cream, preferably (having said that, I recently bought a squeezy bottle of brand name salad cream, having not had it for years. Well, it's so runny it's like water, and doesn't taste the same as it used to!).

    1. Very disappointing. I have salad cream in but I made some mayo yesterday which will last about a fortnight so ought to use it really. I love both, to be honest. Salad cream and mash is so tasty! xx