Wednesday 1 August 2018

Wednesday, 01-08-18

Good morning.

A bit of general frugality first.
As yesterday was the last day of the month, I spent some time going over the month's finances and found I was able to move a sum sideways, despite a heavier-than-usual spending month.  That was good because I do need to save for my next holiday (spending money, that is).

There's a good deal of satisfaction at living within my means as well as thankfulness and appreciation.  I do enjoy making the most of what I have and that includes my meals.  Being frugal in that way means that I can afford and enjoy enjoy the occasional meal out without feeling too extravagant but it also means that when a friend does a charity thing, I can support, when someone needs a helping hand, I can help and each time I pop a bit away it is a bit more investment in my future or for my inheritance.  I'm old enough to think of these things now (as opposed to 'ought to be' thinking of them).

Also last month, some lending was paid back so I was able to drop it into my ISA for longer term investment.

So this month of August I intend to spend very little on non-essentials apart from a few visits out and the occasional lunch with grandson Alex who is home from university.

Today's food plans:

B:  overnight oats with yogurt and peach slices and I think there will be a few blueberries from the garden too
I'm hooked on OO at the moment.  It's a great start to the day and keeps me going until lunchtime and oats are such great value as well as being so good for one!

L:  one of those 'occasional' times when Alex and I are out together so it will be something from the M&S cafe, I think.

D:  fish and chips, side salad
I had this sudden 'need' (ha ha!) to buy some fish in batter and some fish fingers yesterday when in Morrisons.  I looked at the labels carefully and the calories really aren't too bad as long as I oven bake the fish (which I will).  They're not outrageously expensive either which surprised me a bit.  I suppose Morrisons is quite good as far as prices go.  I quite fancy a fish finger butty for lunch at some point in the near future.
The chips will be home made to the SW recipe and I will have enough garden grown tomatoes for the salad so good news all round!
I might even be lavish and make some more mayo - I love a bit of mayo to dunk my chips in!

S:  I have apples and nectarines and will have a max of two pieces.

So that's today sorted out!


  1. The biggest problem with our Morrisons lately has been empty shelves - loads of things missing, big gaps everywhere. Not just one week, but several weeks running, I don't know why. Oh, and the other big problem with them is their shelf edge labelling - total crap! Tickets in the wrong place or missing altogether. Irritates me no end. (that's my moan for the day! lol)

    1. I suspect that's a management issue. You can understand one week, maybe, but not for a longer time. It must be extremely irritating.

  2. Fish finger buttite fancying seems to be catching!
    We had them on Monday after one of our sons said that he was having them.
    Not a wonderful thing for our weight watching but a real treat that I didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty about!

    1. :-) I suspect mine might be in a pitta with added salad and a smear of mayo. A fish finger salad pitta! Goodness, just writing that makes me feel peckish. Time for a coffee.