Saturday 25 August 2018

Saturday, 25-08-18

Good morning.
First day of SW went OK.  It was nothing all that different really except that having so carefully planned I didn't want the effort to be wasted by eating (or drinking) anything out of line.  I couldn't manage all the frittata at lunch time but I was glad of it when I get home from swimming, very glad indeed.

B: overnight oats
As yesterday, ever frugal and flavoursome and there's a bit of the fresh fruit salad left over from yesterday to have with it.
I am cheating a bit with the yogurt - it is supposed to be 0% fat and it isn't because the long life milk I have in the cupboard is not skimmed.  I'm not wasting it so will have to continue being cheaty until it's used up.  Given that I have so little milk anyway, I bet it makes little or no difference.

L:  turkey burgers with bbq sauce, side salad
Both these are new ones on me.  The burgers use grated courgette and the sauce uses passata and spicy stuff.  I will post the recipes if they work.  Turkey mince is pretty good value and can be very lean so the 'danger' is that these burgers will be dry, hence the sauce to go with it.  We will see!

D:  baked salmon, runner beans, fried tomatoes (using spray oil), SW cheesy chips
I've had this before, of course.  Nothing startling about it apart from the cheese on the chips.  I have some 'healthy extra B' (the calcium part of it all) to use so it's a sort of legitimate treat.  I have discovered that Cathedral reduced fat cheddar is quite acceptable, not the taste and texture abomination the other kinds are. 
The salmon is not frugal - I'm calling it my Saturday evening treat.  A lot better than a takeaway anyway.

Ss:  fruit, tomatoes, might have a carrot to crunch too - I quite fancy a carrot, thinking about it.

I'm loading up the freezer a bit again.  I have grated the cheese - grated cheese freezes quite well and will break into 'grates' easily once frozen so doesn't stick in a limp.  The burger recipe that said it makes four burgers actually made seven using my burger press so they'd better be nice!  I bought some happy chicken breasts which have been wrapped separately and frozen - that will go fairly quickly, looking at my plans for the week.  Finally, the bbq sauce I make will be too much for one meal so the rest will be portioned out and frozen too.

On reflection, the £2 ceiling for the day's eating had better be glass, not brick, because I can see that there will be times when I crash through it.  Like today!  I suppose that even if it becomes £3 a day, that's still only £21 a week and under £100 for the whole month. 
Oh, well, it'd better work, that's all I can say!


  1. Good luck with it all, Joy, I'm sure you'll make it a success. I've been using turkey mince for weeks now, I've found that not only can it be dry, it's also quite bland and needs a lot of seasoning/spices/herbs. However, husband has recently admitted he doesn't really like most of the turkey mince things I've made....and I have to say I agree with him, they just don't taste as nice as things made with beef mince. So I've made the decision to go back to using beef mince instead, but extra lean 5% fat steak mince, smaller quantities of it and bulked out with lentils or veg or oats.

    1. I'm hoping the bbq sauce I have made will ooompoh them up a bit because, let's face it, courgettes may add some moisture but they won't add huge big flavours.
      I'll let you know how it all goes. :-)