Wednesday 29 August 2018

Thursday, 30-08-18

Good morning!

Yesterday the pancakes turned out very tasty although the mix was runny.  I think it was because the yogurt I used was very runny (not sure why, it doesn't usually turn out like that) and it could be that I used too much.  The recipe said a Mullerlight so I looked that up and used the equivalent amount which was, I think, a mistake.  Perhaps zizzing the oats would help too.  Despite these issues, the results were really delicious and very filling, the mix made 8 pancakes for two people but three was enough for me.
So no recipe yet; I have to modify it.  Here's the photo though (you can see the runny yogurt).

Today's food plans:
B:  oat pancakes, fruit and natural yogurt
As yesterday.
Nice and frugal!

L:  I will probably make some more tomato soup as I have a friend round and it is really very tasty.  I'll use a can of chopped tomatoes and some garden tomatoes and if there's any left, I will freeze it for another time.  It's a very frugal recipe, under 20p per serving, assuming it makes more than two portions and I think it will.
The soup is SW free, the milk I add will be part of my healthy extra A and the croutons will be 4 syns.

D:  pepsi max chicken and runner beans
The other half of what I made last week - SW free.

Weigh in tonight - gulp!


  1. Dear Joy, I am finding your comments/recipes/plan for Slimming World really helpful, as I have often thought of doing the Plan but have found it so confusing. Also, I like to cook from basic ingredients not ready made as the Plan seems to cater for.

    Look forward to following your Slimmer’s World journey and all your helpful advice.

    Kindest regards, Rosemary

    1. Hi, Rosemary, welcome. I love home cooking too and there are loads of SW recipes out there to try. I think it will suit me really well. :-)

  2. I love experimenting with weight watchers revioies which are very similar to SW. Oat pancakes are lovely and very versitile. Good luck at weigh in.

  3. Love the sound of these pancakes

    1. Thanks, Tania and Eloise, I think I need to tweak the recipe a bit but I shall make them again.