Monday 22 April 2024

Monday evening, 22-04-24

Good evening, everyone.

Today's Vlog recommendation is At Home with Chelle.
Chelle's vlog is not just about food/weight loss, it's an interesting mix of Slimming World meals, lifestyle, shopping, holidays, family, seasonal stuff, deep cleans - oh, all sorts.
She is on Slimming World, maintaining, I believe, and now and again she vlogs about a week's meals, or a week's breakfasts or similar.  Her meals look really delicious, I think.

Here's a link to her latest (at time of typing) food vlog, a week of healthy dinners.

Go and take a look.

What I ate today:

A tasty, syn free breakfast.  The ham, Sunday roast leftovers, is really delicious.

Later on, I had an apple

Syn free
In the end I decided to have neither egg nor ham on my toasted bagel and guacamole.
The coleslaw ended up all pink and purple with red cabbage, red onion, apple amd carrot with some seeds.
Dessert was an orange.

One healthy extra B, two syns for guacamole, one for seeds and one for salad cream in the coleslaw.

To make this, I spray softened onion, pepper and mushroom, cooked some pasta, added the home made baked beans and some cubes of ham to the vegetables, mixed in the cooked pasta and some grated cheddar with more cheddar on tip.  Really tasty and satisfying and I didn't have anything else.

Two healthy extra As.

two healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
four syns

Tomorrow's plans

B:  home made baked beans on toast
(the last of the three portions - I am definitely making some more!)

L:  Jo's tuna mayo salad cups, side salad; fruit
I saw this on Jo Morgan's Vlog the other day.

D:  ham and mushroom carbonara, perhaps extra veg; fruit

Exercise:    Groove class and the walk there and back, weather permitting.

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