Sunday 21 April 2024

Sunday evening, 21-04-24

Good evening, everyone!

Today's vlog is 'Nicky in a Vlog'.  

Nicky and her other half have one teenage son, Freddie, and her vlog is a real mix of shopping hauls, days out, holidays, lifestyle, product promotion (not loads, just a bit) and, most of all, her journey to more healthy eating and weight loss.

She does hop from one plan/method/system to another, currently on calorie counting using Nutracheck,  and she shares what she learns and eats and has done some lovely recipes.

It was Nicky who introduced me to Just Spices for which I am very grateful as I now use their mixes and toppings such a lot; they are really very good.

Here's a link to her latest vlog post at time of typing.

What I ate today:
I think that, from now on, I'm going to put any long-winded recipes or explanations, etc, at the bottom of the blog.

Guacamole (bought last week and not eaten, actually really nice) on pumpernickel bread with scrambled eggs and a leafy side.
I used Just Spices scrambled egg seasoning and avocado topping mixes.

One healthy extra B (I've checked and the bread is a B - hooray!) and one and a half syns.

Roast gammon dinner - I treated myself to some Jersey royals and yum!
How I made the sauce and cooked the gammon are both below.

I don't normally photo pudding because it's just fruit but this was delicious.  I thawed and heated some raspberries in the microwave, adding some sweetener.  I warmed up a portion of rice pudding.  One on t'other and Bob's your uncle.  It was most satisfying.

Half a healthy extra A and one syn for the rice, half a syn for the bbq-ish sauce.

By the way, I've posted the rice pudding blog now.  I hope it is useful.  xx

Just a simple ham salad in the evening plus a potato salad made from the rest of the Jersey royals with chives from the garden and mayo.  Very tasty
And that was that.

One syn for super light mayo, one syn for salad cream and one syn for mixed seeds.

half a healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
six syns

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  ham, egg, mushrooms and tomatoes
(plus a piece of fruit before circuits class)
SW:  syn free

L: toasted bagel, guacamole, egg, salad; fruit
SW:  one healthy extra B, two syns for two level tbsps guacamole

D:  ham and baked bean pasta bake, side salad; fruit and rice pudding
. . . using the home made baked beans from Saturday
SW:  one healthy extra A for cheese, half a healthy extra A for milk, one syn for sugar and one for salad cream

Exercise:  circuits class and a walk

I made the sauce for the ham using some passata, chopped onion, half a tsp dark muscovado sugar (half a syn and worth it for the deep flavour), white vinegar, Hendowsons, soy sauce, tomato puree and black pepper.  I pot it all in a pan, let it summer for a while and then blended it smooth.
Really nice.
There's a bit left which will go towards a hunter's chicken meal at some point soon.

The ham was my usual Sainsburys Be Good To Yourself gammon joint (I tend to buy one each month).  I wrapped it in foil and gave it about fifty minutes in the Ninja at 170 C on roast and then about fifteen minutes resting time.  Perfect and much cheaper than on the hob or in the oven.
And there's loads and loads left over for meals through the coming week.  


  1. Hi Joy x where did you get the Jersey Royals from please ? xx

    1. Lathcoats - it's a local PYO farm shop place. I've not seen any in the supermarkets yet. Do you have a local farm shop where you could try? xx