Friday 19 April 2024

Thursday evening, 18-04-24

Good evening, everyone!
Sorry - I mean good  morning, don't I?
I was so tired again last night, I left this (and the other blog) until this morning.

I am looking forward to getting proper back on track again - starting with today's lunch.  After a week of indulgence, it might be a bit of an uphill struggle for a few days but I have plenty of the good stuff in the freezer so no excuses.  
I think my tummy will thank me.  

I'm now on the no alcohol wagon for a week, then I'm at Five Lakes for a Fun and Fitness weekend with Lindsey and a big group and then it's a long, clear road with no excuses or distractions.
Good old Slimming World helps me to know exactly what I have to do.  Back to basics.

Someone asked me about rice pudding recipes a few days ago.  When I get home, I will put together a post because there are several ways to make a SW friendly rice pudding, depending on what you use - hob, oven, slow cooker . . . and I use Thermione, which isn't all that helpful really.
And I am wondering if one could also use an air fryer - or a microwave?  I must experiment and find out.
What I ate yesterday:

Well, I have to admit that is wasn't a good or healthy day.  It started off OK with this.

Same as I have had all week and, honestly, it has been a great start to each day.  

Then it all went down hill and, eventually, I ended up with what was either my sinuses playing up or a migraine which I blame entirely on all the junk I have eaten.  

However - no more.  The holiday is virtually over, just one more breakfast here at Center Parcs and then I am home and back on it like a back-on-it mad thing.
The one saving grace is that it has been a very active holiday and, while I'm a bit achey, I still feel great and raring to go, despite all the junk food.  

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  the last of the yogurt, fruit and granola
I have more granola at home and will have it but not so often.
SW:  I'm calling the granola five syns, to be on the safe side and the oats one syn (the portions are pretty small)

L:  something cheesy and toasty, salad; fruit
I have bread left over which will have defrosted on the way home.
SW:  one and a half healthy extra As and one healthy extra B plus one syn for salad cream and one and a half for chutney

D:  fish and chips, side salad; fruit
Home made, of course, not take away!
SW:  half a healthy extra A and two syns for cheesy breadcrumbs around the fish (so tasty)

Exercise:  walking

Back to normal posting this evening.  xx

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