Wednesday 17 April 2024

Wednesday evening, 17-04-24

Good evening, everyone!
Confession time - this Center Parcs break (where I am now) is not turning out to be a particularly healthy eating holiday.  I've eaten healthy meals, sure, and the rest . . .
No details - don't want to trigger anyone - but just assume the worst!  😋
And you know what - I don't mind.  Yes, it could be much better but I'm having a lovely, time limited break and as soon as I get home, I will be straight back on it again.

I've been very active.  I know you can neither out swim nor out run/walk a poor diet, but it will have helped.

In the meanwhile - cheers!!
What I ate today:

I'm having the same breakfast every day - fresh fruit, yogurt and granola and it is lovely.

This should have been with avocado, egg and a salad but it wasn't, it was just cheese triangles on toast - and I really enjoyed it.

The truth is
a.  I had other rubbish stuff and
b.  I couldn't be bothered
It's a holiday!!

Taking this photo was a bit nerve wracking as it kept threatening to topple!
Instead of having steak and chips, I decided to do a steak and onion sandwich and you know what - I am definitely making this again.  It was lovely.
I slow fried some onion, then spray fried one side of two slices if my home made wholemeal and finally whopped up the heat and fried the steak that had been seasoned with salt and pepper (I'd also have used some steak seasoning if I were at home).

Most deeelicious!

Back to normal soon but dinner would fit nicely into a SW day, for sure - one healthy B and one syn for salad dressing

Tomorrow's meal plans:

B:  fruit, yogurt and granola

L:  bacon and cheese toastie, side salad; fruit

D:  chicken and pancetta tortellini in a tomato sauce, side salad; fruit

Exercise:  Hopefully, Lindsey's online SET class (if the connection holds), a swim, a gym session and some walking.
(I can try anyway)


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