Tuesday 28 March 2017

A ponder

I've been away this last weekend and therefore off challenge.  It gave me time to think about how it's all going and the way forward after this cycle finished.  There are a few different options.

1.  Carry on just as it is.

2.  Stop the challenge.

3.  Ease off somewhat - maybe do a 45-30 instead so it's £1.50 a day.

These are the ones that come to mind.

1. is the one that appeals but I have niggling concerns as the summer approaches - salad veg aren't that cheap, for example.  However, I have planters and garden containers and I also have packets of seeds and always grow tomatoes from seedlings my lovely dad gives me.  I could plant carrots and 'leaves' (various types of lettuce) and then pick for almost nothing, especially if I subtract the cost of the seeds.

2. isn't at all acceptable.  I have gained such a lot from doing this, both in terms of health and financially.  I'm losing weight and really NEED for this to continue more long term.  So 2 is out, totally!

3.  also appeals but not for 30 days.  I do have things in the freezer than are there to be used - I have paid for them, after all - but they don't work with a pound a day.  I also have a book entitled One Pound Meals and I am longing to try out some of the recipes.  If I had £1.50 a day, I could try these out and not go over budget as the general guideline is 20p for breakfast, 30p for lunch and 50p for dinner although it's often less.

So I am pondering.  £30 is frugal but £45 is also pretty frugal.  We're talking about a whol month, after all.

 Any advice?  Any ideas or suggestions?  Any other options?  Please do feel free to comment.


  1. I think I would go for option 3 - then you're freed up to try the recipes in your new book that you want to try and will still be being really frugal. You could even allow yourself up to £1.50 a day but alternate between trying something new and sticking with the tried and tested very frugal recipes you've used thus far, for a hybrid approach!

    1. Yes, that does make sense. It's how to manage it really - two separate budgets or what? I'll have a think about that.
      J x