Thursday 9 March 2017

End of day 5

A bit of a disorganised day really.

I had a nice day's eating all set out and ready to go when I was asked would I do a spot of emergency supply cover this afternoon.
Lovely - but it meant all change for timings' sake.  I planned out a thing but, as it happened, it all worked out differently.  I found I wasn't terribly hungry first thing so I was able to delay breakfast until about 11:30.  I intended to have some fruit when I got in from school and before tuition but there wasn't just time so really I have had two meals today.  Possibly not enough, but I've had my evening meal and now I feel stuffed!

So this is how today panned out
Early lunch:  beans on toast.   Total 10p
D:  YS breaded chicken steak (20p), wedges, coleslaw (9p but some left over for tomorrow), mini tomatoes x 3 (2p each)    Total 42p
S/S:  strawberry crumble and yogurt  Total 6p

I had £27.04
I spent 58p
Remaining:  £26.46

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