Friday 31 March 2017

Day 22

I have £12.66 remaining and it's day 22 so nine full days to go before the end of cycle 2 of this challenge.

Today's plans>
B:  toast (2p) and peanut butter (4p); apple (9p)
L:  toasted pikelets (2p); poached egg (13p), plum (5p)
D:  I have a bit of chicken casserole and rice left over from yesterday and I don't stand a chance of costing it out so I'm making a guesstimate of 50p.  I'm certainly not throwing it away just because I can't cost it out!
S/S:  carrot batons (4p), natural yogurt (apf) and stewed rhubarb (fruit was a gift, sugar about 3p probably)

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