Tuesday 7 March 2017

Fourteen things to make with cooked turkey

I found a whole turkey leg (in two parts) in Morrisons for £3.00.  That's got to be good value, hasn't it?
I bought it, roasted it in my fab enamel roasting dish with just a little water, stripped the bones and portioned the meat.
Fourteen portions!  That makes it 21p per portion - a little more, actually, but I apply the mathematical principle of rounding so 21 is fine by me!  They're not huge pertions but they're not titchy either.

The bones, shin and 'bits' are now simmering away on the hob to give me a good stock.  That's where the last 6p will go.

Anyway - fourteen portions.  Can I think of fourteen different, frugal ways to use it?

1.  Turkey soup - make a veg soup and zizz it up, then add the turkey chopped small.  Serve with a bread roll.

2.  Turkey hotpot - same as above but keep the soup chunky and add cooked, sliced potato over the top and bake.

3.  Chilli

4.  Burgers (sort of) - mix shredded turkey with veg and breadcrumbs, shape and fry.  A bit like a bubble and squeak, maybe.

5.  Add to a quiche

6.  Pie - use cooked veg and a gravy.  Great for using veg leftovers.  Turkey and leek pie is gorgeous!  They could be topped with potato rather than pastry so there's loads of variation here.

7.  Pasty - cheating really because that would be the same as above, more or less, in a different wrapping!

8.  Pasta - fry onion and mushroom, add turkey, add splash of milk and some soft cheese, stir into cooked pasta

9.  As above but make a tomato sauce base.

10.  Curry

11.  Meat paste - zizz with some butter or some soft cheese and seasonings (nutmeg is lovely).  Delicious on toast or as a dip with carrot batons.

12.  Turkey and cheese toastie with cranberry sauce - mmmmmmm

13.  A sort of tortilla/frittata type thing

14.  Pizza

and one for luck . . .

15.  Sort of enchilada.

There you go - and I didn't even have to Google for ideas.
Some are more frugal than others, of course, but I could make most of them with what I have in the kitchen right now.  Not all at the same time, obviously.

There are more ideas here (although I haven't checked their frugality) . . .

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