Sunday 5 March 2017

Round 2, day 1

I have £30 for the next 30 days

I also have:
£1.45 left over from the last round, of which £1.00 will cover herbs and spices and 45p will be my next carton of milk
lemon marmalade
and a few other bits and bobs

And off we go again.
Today's plans are:
B:  porridge (4p) with pineapple (4p) and natural yogurt (apf), apple (6p)
L:  Proper Sunday dinner.  Chicken* (28p), roasties (8p), cauliflower (5p), roasted parsnips (6p)
D:  tea really - toast (2p) and peanut butter (4p), natural yogurt (apf) and pineapple (4p)
S/S:  peanuts (4p), apple (6p)

Which should come to a grand total of around 80p

*Unusually for me, I found a reduced chicken on the yellow sticker corner.  On Friday I roasted it, partitioned it and boiled up the carcass.  I now have portions at 28p each plus some lovely stock (free because the meat covers the cost of the chicken) and some chicken dripping which I will use in my cooking.

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