Wednesday 1 March 2017

End of Day 30

The carbonara

and the crumble

A few changes today but nothing to mess up the last day of this challenge.

B:  toast with marmalade and peanut butter.  Total 4p
L:  beans on toast.  Total 10p
D:  shoestring carbonara (which ended up at 38p after adding a bit of onion and reducing the cheese); broccoli 9p; apple crumble  12p.  Total 59p
S:  peanuts. Total 4p

I have £2.33
I spent 88p
At the end of this challenge I have £1.45 left.

Off challenge tomorrow because - just because!
Off challenge Saturday because I'm celebrating a good friend's birthday
Back on a new challenge on Sunday!

And tomorrow morning I step on those scales to find out the good or bad news!

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