Monday 13 March 2017

Day 7

I'm back on challenge after two days away and I've come back with a few freebie goodies from my parents which will help to look after the pennies while I get back into pattern again.  The remains of someroast pork will provide the meat for five meals (for one) and some shortbread will be a nice treat now and again.  I'm lucky.

I have £26.05 and it is day 7
Here's today's plans
B:  poached egg (13p) on toast (2p); apple (8p)
L:  no idea and I'm not paying for it anyway (ditto tomorrow and Wednesday - no complaints here)
D:  Mostly Sunday dinner leftovers:  pork, apple and onion sauce, a couple of roasties (all free) and some veg of some kind, probably peas (8p)
S:  fruit (8p); peanuts (4p)

Total:  around 80p

I've also made another batch of natural yogurt so that's 47p to take off as well as today's food.


  1. Please can you remind me how you make your yoghurt. I gave up because mine never turned out very well but I's like to try again. Thank you!

  2. I'll do a post on it this evening, Jo, as soon as I can.
    J x