Monday 6 March 2017

End of day 2

Day 2 has gone pretty well to plan with minor changes
B:  poached egg and pikelets  Total 16p
L:  toast, peanut butter, carrot batons, apple   Total 18p
D:  cauliflower cheese, corn on the cob  Total 43p (I had extra cheese)
S/S  YS banana; peanuts  Total 9p

So I had £29.18
I spent 86p
Remaining: £28.32

I was pleased to see, in Morrisons, a full turkey leg (in two pieces, of course) for just £3.00.  I reckon if I got ten portions from the chicken, I shall get much more meat off the turkey leg.  So that's slow roasting now, it will cool overnight and I can strip it tomorrow.

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