Friday 3 March 2017

Recipe: poaching an egg the microwave way

I'm not good at poaching eggs.  I always seem to either break the yolks or the white disintegrates and goes every which way.
I read this while googling for something else, tried it yesterday and it worked so well I thought I'd share because one poached egg with toast or pikelets (home made, of course! 😀) is a healthy and frugal way to start the day or, indeed, makes a filling lunch.

Basically, this is what you do.  Just follow the link

The timing depends on your own microwave plus the size of the container you use and how much water.  I used a soup cup/bowl thingy because it was sitting on the side within reach, has a saucer that did for a lid and is microwave proof and 2 minutes produced a perfectly poached egg.  Today I will try a tea cup and sauce which ought to be faster.

I'm pleased to have another breakfast on the frugal list!

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