Thursday 2 March 2017

Off challenge

The thirty days is up and I've managed it.  Not only have I managed it, I have eaten very well, made up/adapted recipes, lost weight (much needed) and generally enjoyed the creativity.
I am now 12 lbs lighter.

Now I'm off challenge for three days: today just because, Saturday for a birthday celebration (not mine) and tomorrow because it is daft to just do one day and then go off challenge again.

But there's no reason why I shouldn't post menus when I'm off challenge, when I can anyway, and I don't intend to go crazy and pig out on caviare and black truffles.  I shall take the opportunity to continue to use up stuff in the freezer that doesn't fit into the pound a day ethos.

B:  I am making some sourdough pikelets and shall have a couple of them with a poached egg.  I haven't had many eggs over the last month and I have missed them.
L:  ham and chutney sandwich with some fruit.  I might even go out and buy some fruit specially.  Bad me!
D:  salmon en papillotte - which means salmon wrapped in paper with some seasonings and then baked - with some spicy  wedges and coleslaw followed by a bit more fruit of some kind.
(It certainly isn't going to be a pound a day menu!!!)

With the £1.45 I have left over, I shall buy apfs - a pound will cover my use of herbs and spices over the next challenge and 45p is just the right price for my next pint of milk, when I need to get it.


  1. I'm really impressed with your menus over the 30 days - if not for my low carb leanings (and M's resistance to vegetarian meals) I would have been inspired to join in! Congrats on the weight loss too. An excellent challenge!

  2. :-) Thanks, Chrissie. It's actually been fun!
    J x