Monday 20 March 2017

Simple and frugal salad ideas

I love salads but tomatoes are expensive, lettuce is expensive, peppers . . . etc, at the moment and really can't be fitted into a pound a day budget

I took a wee look at what I have in the fridge right now and I can make three different salad things straight off that will up my fruit and veg and give crunch to my diet.

Coleslaw - nice and simple, just finely shredded white cabbage and diced carrot with mayo.  Add a bit of curry paste for a different flavour.  Also lovely with some chopped apple or a small handful of dried fruit.
A white cabbage might look expensive but it is tight, compact and you get so many portions from it, it becomes very frugal.
(actually, just shredded/grated/spiralised carrot with maybe a lemony dressing is super delicious too)

I noticed that the chives are coming up nicely in the herb bed so - potato salad.  The sauce can be half and half mayo and natural yogurt and I make it nice and simple - just potato, sauce and chopped chives.  Lovely!

I love crunchy salads and I still have some Aldi cauliflower from their super six.  I shall cut off some little florets, finely chop a bit of carrot and a bit of onion (red would be nice but I don't have any so white will do).  Then I shall mix up a simple dressing with lime juice (from a bottle), a bit of honey, a bit of olive oil, a smidgen of garlic puree and a flake or two of salt and pepper, just enough for one so tiny amounts.

All these can be jazzed up with nuts, seeds, etc, but I'm sticking to frugal!

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