Friday 17 March 2017

Old fashioned still lemonade in perpetuum

 - well, sort of anyway!

After making the lemonade as described here, I looked thoughtfully at my pile of remaining lemons, realising that I wouldn't get a deal like that again until next pancake day.

So I made up a whole lot of undiluted lemonade mixture and froze it.  In smaller portions, of course, and priced.
Each one will make me one pint of refreshing still lemonade for 14p and I still have more to deal with.  That'll do me come the summer!

After that I thought about the 'shells' - didn't want to just chuck them unless I had to.  I googled around and this is what I've done.

I've chopped up the peel, put it all in a waterproof/air tight container and covered it with white distilled vinegar.  In two or three weeks I will strain it into a spray bottle and lo and behold, I will have a splendidly lemon scented all purpose cleaner (so Google assures me anyway).
I'm looking forward to trying it out!

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