Tuesday 21 March 2017

End of day 15


How it all went:
B:  pikelets and a poached egg   Total 15p
L:  same as yesterday -  half a small pork pie. coleslaw, potato salad, carrot and cauliflower salad, apple  Total 42p
D:  a tricky one as I used so many bits and bobs to make a savoury rice that it's impossible to be totally accurate but, because the meat was free and the rice was cheap, I am guesstimating at a total of 35p.  I quite resent that too because wjat I made wasn't all that nice.  I ate it but won't be doing it again.
S/S:  orange; apple   Total of 9p

So I had £19.69
I spent £1.01
Remaining £18.68
It ought to be £15 so I am nicely in credit and will spend some of the £3.68 on some apfs.  Some basmati rice might be a good way to go as I am out and the cheaper rice isn't all that wonderful.


  1. Well done! Can you tell me what apfs means please? (I'm a newbie around here)!!

  2. Hi, HB, welcome on board!
    Funnily enough, I have just explained about apfs on the day 16 post I have just added. Let me know if it doesn't make sense. :-)
    J x