Monday 20 March 2017

Day 14

I have £20.50

Here's the day's plans
B:  porridge (4p) with marmalade and natural yogurt (both apfs)
L:  half a YS small pork pie (15p), coleslaw 6p), potato salad* (6p), apple (8p)
D:  roast pork 'pie' (potato topping) (should be about 25p as the meat was a freebie leftover from Mum and Dad), runner beans (free from last year's garden); natural yogurt
S/S:  apple,

A nice frugal day one way and another which should come to around 75p.
apf = already paid for, i.e. things for which I have already taken the cost off the budget in total.

(* I noticed yesterday that the chives are coming beautifully and I need to start using them, hence the potato salad!)

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