Monday 6 March 2017

Day 2

I have £29.18 and it's day 2.
(apf means already paid for)

Today I'm planning to have:
B:  poached egg (13p), 2 sourdough pikelets (2p)
L:  toast (2p), marmite (3p), carrot batons (4p), apple (8p)
D:  cauliflower cheese:  [cauliflower (9p), shreds of chicken (free)*, cheese sauce - see below (22p)]; corn on the cob (free from dad's garden last summer)
S/S:  apple (8p), peanuts (4p)
Which should come to around 75p

(* From a chicken I roasted - I stripped off all the meat and portioned it out and worked out the price per portion, which covered the cost of the chicken.  I then boiled the carcass (and bits) so any extra shreds and the stock are 'free'.)

Cheese sauce
125g milk (apf)
15g plain flour (under half a penny so I'm not counting it)
about 7g butter (apf)
50g strong cheddar (22p)
a pinch of mustard

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