Friday 17 March 2017

Day 11

I have £23.22

This is what I plan to have today
B:  poached egg (13p) on toast (2p); apple
L:  cauliflower soup (8p); croutons (2p); carrot batons (4p)
D:  I have bits and pieces left from yesterday's nacho meal - some kidney beans and half a titchy onion - so I think I will make Jack-burgers (carrot, cumin and kidney bean - about 10p-ish) and have them with some baby tomatoes (10p) and coleslaw (6p-ish) and a few wedges (8p-ish); natural yogurt (apf)
S/S:  apple (8p); biscuit (free - given to me)

Lots of 'ish' costings today - I will be definite by the end of the day's feedback.

I also have to pay for another little load of butter in my butter dish so that's another 19p.

Wandering around Morrisons for a few bits and bobs, I spotted some YS apples, well in date but the packaging was torn so I now have a nice supply of apples at 9p each.  I'm pleased because I haven't seen the Savers/Essentials apples for a few weeks now and I do love apples.
One of the things I try to make sure of is that there's a reasonable supply of fruit and veg each day.  It can be a bit of a challenge on a limited budget but it usually works out OK using seasonal produce and remembering that pulses count as one portion.
Today I'm having:
two apples
veg soup
carrot batons
kidney beans
coleslaw (carrot and cabbage)

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