Thursday 23 March 2017

Not really a recipe: cheesy crumpets

So, so simple but a real cheesy hit and so simple to prepare.  Also frugal, more so for me because I used sourdough crumpets which cost me more or less nothing to make - the 2p for each is a token effort really.

You need
2 crumpets (and toast them)
20g strong cheddar, very finely grated (I know it sounds daft but it does seem to go further)

preheat the grill
Spread the butter on the toasted crumpets.  Then pile on the cheese and gently flatten it down.
Place under the grill until the cheese is melting and browning a bit.
Eat straight away

I said 2p for each crumpet and the cheese cost me 10p.  That's a filling and tasty lunch for 14p.

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