Monday 13 March 2017

Recipe: old fashioned still lemonade

I had cheap lemons and you know what they say about life handing you lemons . . .
So I did!

Very simple, very plain and very refreshing.

60g sugar
60g water (I used just boiled so the sugar dissolved quickly)
2 lemons - juice and you could also use grated zest.

Mix the water with the sugar and heat until the sugar has dissolved.
Allow it to cool.

Meanwhile, juice the lemons.

Mix the lemon juice with the syrup and strain it through a sieve, if necessary.  Dilute it to taste (I find it makes up to a pint) with chilled water and enjoy.

If you need a bit more sugar, you will need to reheat it a little bit to help it to dissolve and then re-cool it.  If you need more lemon juice, you could use some from a bottle.
Personally, I found it just right.

The cost?
The 60g sugar was 3p and the two lemons were 11p so that's a total of 14p - that's because after pancake day, they were selling off their boxes of nine lemons for 50p a box, which makes this delicious drink pretty frugal.
I served it in a champagne flute which made it look pretty and come the summer I will garnish it with a sprif of fresh mint.
Diluting it with sparkling water would be lovely (but remember to add the cost!).

I shall make some more and I will add some grated root ginger to the next one.

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