Tuesday 7 March 2017

Day 3

I have £28.32 and it is day 3.

Here's today's plans
B:  third of a can of baked beans (8p) on toast (2p)
L:  tomato and lentil soup (about 14p), a sort of tomato garlic bread* (about 3p), apple (8p)
D:  chorizo and bean stew (27p), rice (6p), natural yogurt (apf) with a bit of sugar (1p)

*  I have a bit of sourdough bread that's past its best.  I also have oil left from a jar of sun dried tomatoes in oil that's already been paid for.  I thought it might be nice to mix some garlic puree with the tomato infused oil, spread it over the bread and bake for a short time.
I'll let you know.

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