Friday 27 April 2018

Five Frugal Fings

I haven't done this for a little while so it's about time I did, isn't it!

1.  Earlier this week I made a most delicious 'beany mix' (that's what we call it) with pulses, veg, chopped tomatoes, etc.  I wrote about it here.  It gave me and Beth a good dinner and I had five portions left for the freezer.

2.  Ditto mix with turkey mince.  Very reasonable, very healthy and delicious.  Both of these are going to make evening meals so much easier for a while and will cut down on fuel as they can be thawed and microwave heated, if appropriate.

3.  I'm spending very little on food right now.  Mainly that's because I can't drive for a week or so, so I'm using up the still shamefully large stock of grub I already have.  Good for my clutter, good for the budget.

4.  Allotment rhubarb is now merrily growing fast and I'm picking and being thankful that I can now eat it.  Gorgeous on muesli and in porridge and, best of all, FREE!!  Woo hoo!
I've been looking up rhubarb recipes.  There's loads around but a lot of them are cake based so not a good idea but there's chutney, cordial, flavoured gin or vodka . . . loads of things I can make.
Also my strawberry plants have buds - loads and loads of buds.  I have a fleece ready so that if frost is predicted, I can rush out and cover them so as not to get caught out like I did last year.  And as soon as they are cropping I shall make pots of my lovely strawberry, rhubarb and cranberry jam.  A flavour made in heaven, worthy of the poshest jam producer.
I might also get some blueberries this year. 

5.  Finally, I've booked a holiday at Center Parcs.  Just a Monday to Friday thing and certainly not frugal, not in the new, smart, self-catering apartments but - but - I chose self catering because eating there is shockingly expensive as I know from past experiences.  I can take tins and cans and fresh stuff with me, bought the morning I go and bunged in an 'ice bag' and just buy any fresh stuff I need by the end of the four days.  I may not need any more, of course, especially as I intend to plan my meals carefully.  I'm not going to do anything expensive there, just swim a lot and go on nice gentle strolls around the forest.  Best of all, I have already saved the money so my thrift conscience is comparatively clear.

6.  One more for luck.  I needed some wholemeal bread and didn't feel up to making any, what with operation worries, etc, so I went to Morrisons and what did I see but their nice wholemeal bread on YS.  That was just lucky.  It's now in the freezer being used slice by slice!

What Frugal Fings have you been doing this week?