Monday 2 April 2018

Monday, 02-04-18

Good morning.

My plans for today:
B:  porridge with fruit yogurt
L:  bean and veg soup
D:  fruity Caribbean  mackerel pasta; salad maybe; fruit yogurt
Ss:  apples

From the freezer
The pulses for the soup
Chicken stock for the soup

The frugal factor
Dinner is based on a small can of mackerel in aforementioned dressing so I thought I'd try it with pasta.  Might be nice, might be horrible - I'll let you know.  Not shockingly expensive though.
The soup will be great value and the stock in it is from a boiled up chicken carcass.
All in all, not an expensive day.
 No reason to go off the rails, just because it's a bank holiday.  After all, when you're retired, almost every day is like a bank holiday, isn't it  :-)

However, I do plan to spend some money!
I'm off to Aldi to stock up on the washing capsules I like so much as I am now right out, totally none left.  I shall buy several boxes as usual and then it's off my mind for ages.  I also want to stock up on washing liquid.  The kind I get comes out very thick so I think this time I will dilute it down before using.  It really doesn't have to be as soapy and bubbly as it comes out.  No complaints, I just want to make it last longer.  I need some other bits and bobs too but the washing items will be a bit of an outlay.

Then I'm off to Matalan.  My summer coat/jacket thingy is unwearable now, it just falls off me.  It's a shame because I've had it for ages, it was a freebie from a catalogue order and it's been fantastic.  It's been washed and washed and still looks good as new.  Everything has it's time, I guess, as I will pop it in the SA dropping off point so someone else can have use of it.  Anyway, after some internet trawling, it seems that Matalan has some inexpensive, casual super coats/jackets/etc, so I'm going to take a look.  I'm thinking I will get the size below so it does me through the summer.
Maybe next winter I will be able to get a duffle coat.  I've always wanted a duffle coat and they are timeless as far as style goes.  I can dream . . .

This losing weight thing is all very well but it has its complications, all the same!  :-)


  1. I love it when clothes get too big!

    1. It's very exciting and satisfactory. Just a shame when there's still plenty of wear in the clothes! :-)
      Fingers crossed I find something today (or soon).
      J x

  2. You've done so well. Your determination is admiral. Being smaller does have the benefit of being able to shop in more places as well as cheaper ones. My friend say she can never get anything in Primark because their sizes are skimpy but she is 6ft1".

    1. That must be such a challenge. Sizes are geared to the average and anything outside that attracts a premium, unfortunately. I have to say, it was very nice to go for 'teen' sizes instead of looking for 20 + labels.
      J x

  3. Afternoon Joy

    I hope by now you've got another jacket/coat THAT FITS you properly (and doesn't hang off you). Well done! It's such a great feeling, even if it means buying new stuff. I've had a sort out recently and have taken a bag of clothes to the local CS. Going to have another sort out soon, to see what I've got that fits (due to weight loss). Guess that'll mean purchasing new clothes (shame!).

    Enjoy your evening.


    1. I have, thanks. Just what I wanted, in fact, so I'm very pleased. Good for you too, losing that weight.
      J x