Sunday 8 April 2018

Sunday, 08-04-18

Good morning.

Today's food plan:
B:  porridge and yogurt
L:  beany chicken soup
D:  bean and chorizo stew (which has added veg), rice; fruit yogurt
Ss:  apples

From the freezer:
The chicken and beans for the soup and the stew which I made a while ago and froze in portions

The frugal factor
All of it really, to make up for a few recent days.
The porridge is always frugal, the chicken for the soup is from that cheap Tesco chicken and the stew, also being bean based, is not expensive at all.  A bit of chorizo goes a long way.  In fact, I have the cost written on the pot because it was when I was doing the 30-30 challenge and it's just 27p.

I'm being a bit rebellious!  The rhubarb is coming up very nicely in the allotment and I am NOT going to miss out on a free food just because of this diet.  I really can't see that there's anything so evil, carb-wise, in stewed rhubarb with stevia sweetening.  I'm having it with some frozen mashed garden strawberries from last year (together they are a flavour made in heaven) and home made natural yogurt; a delicious and healthy home made dessert.
So there!  :-)


  1. You rebel, you! Enjoy your illicit rhubarb ;-)

  2. Lol. How bad is that, eh?
    J x

  3. frozen mashed strawberries? will have to give that a go, also have some rhubarb in the garden.

    1. If you have enough of them, zizz them with a bit of sugar and sweetner and some yogurt and it makes a sort of ice cream thingy which is lovely. Mine will thaw in the yogurt and rhubarb mix.
      J x