Wednesday 11 April 2018

Wednesday, 11-04-18

Good morning!
Can you believe it's a third of the way through the month now?  A-ma-zing!

I was considering what used to be my trigger foods and that they are all off the current map or almost off.  Cheese, crisps, wine . . . oh, you know the sort of thing.  I think that if I can more or less avoid them, things should go OK into the future.  The hardest will be cheese because I will have some, just a bit.  I'll probably buy small amounts from the deli counter rather than blocks so, even if it's more per kilo, it will be a saving because I'm having less.  Crisps and wine can remain in room 101 (most of the time anyway)!

Today's plans
B:  porridge and yogurt
L:  ham salad
D:  beanburger, SW chips, salad; fruit yogurt
Ss:  apples

From the freezer:
A selection of pulses - I have butter beans, chickpeas, kidney beans and pinto beans

The frugal factor
It's not an expensive day today.  Bean burgers are very reasonable when you make them yourself and the salad will be very simple and more or less a garnish really.   I have just a couple of slices of ham bought over the counter, not in a pack.

The home made sort of hash browny things were really nice and really simple so I have posted the recipe separately.

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