Friday 27 April 2018

Friday, 27-04-18

Good morning.

Yesterday I took great joy in planning my meals for the next week.  It's nice to have more freedom again and I was spoilt for choice.  I'm trying a few new things and will share about them if they are OK.

Today's plans:
B:  porridge with natural yogurt and stewed rhubarb
L:  pineapple cottage cheese, salad
D:  mixed bean burger, salad, SW chips; fruit yogurt
Ss:  apple and orange

From the freezer
The rhubarb (allotment, of course)
The bean burger (home made)

The frugal factor
It's another good day.  The dearest bit is the cottage cheese but even that isn't so bad really.  £1.31 for a pot from which I shall probably eat a third.  Must make sure I use up the rest < looks ruefully at plans that need adapting >

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