Saturday 28 April 2018

Saturday, 28-04-18

Good morning.

It's so nice to be back at the baking again.  As I posted, yesterday I made crumpets; not sourdough ones, just ordinary ones, and today I am being bad and having carbs for lunch.  What a rebel!

Lunch was nice.  Simple but nice.

I also made some orange and lemon cordial with a bit of a twist because I committed the sin of not checking my ingredients before I started, bad me.  It's still 'steeping' but should be good and I will post about it separately.

Today's plans
B:  muesli with stewed rhubarb and strawberries plus natural yogurt
L:  poached egg on crumpets - two poached eggs and two thin crumpets (pikelets) but no butter!
D:  freezer curry (I know I have some, just not sure what kind it is), rice; fruit yogurt
Ss:  apple and orange or maybe some cottage cheese (needs using up)

The frugal factor.
None will be very expensive as the frozen portions are all small, the snack fruit was a gift as was the muesli and  the rhubarb and berries are garden/allotment produce

From the freezer:
The breakfast fruit
The crumpets
The curry and rice.

It's so miserable out there that I'm going to make a batch of my tomato and lentil soup for the next few days.  A can of tomatoes, a handful of lentils, stock, a few veg and a good zizzer.  That will sort lunch out for a few days (but not today because I want a crumpet today!) and it's a sort of celebration of unlimited veg again!

Update:  It's kidney bean and veg curry.  Nice!


  1. Baking is the one thing I've been missing about our new healthy Mediterranean-type lifestyle....I used to make cakes, scones or pies, now I don't, and OH makes most of our bread (he likes doing it and it's one less job for me). However, in my new cookbook that arrived yesterday, there's a recipe for an olive bread, so I shall give that a try.

    1. Mmmm - olive bread. If it's good, please may I have the recipe?
      I think that when you've been used to making a lot of baked stuff, it must be very hard to stop. It's a creative outlet.
      You're doing so well though.
      J x