Thursday 26 April 2018

Thursday, 26-04-18

Good morning.

I made a really nice veggie 'mixture' yesterday.
I softened chopped onion and carrot in oil, added a chopped red pepper and three chopped mushrooms plus a good handful each of butter beans, pinto beans, kidney beans and chickpeas.  Then I put in a can of chopped tomatoes and the same amount of water, a spoonful of marigold powder, some chopped sundried tomatoes, some lentils and some oats, some garlic and tomato puree, salt, pepper and some herbs from the garden (bay, thyme and oregano) - in other words, whatever I could find!  It all simmered away for a while on a very low heat.

It came out really delicious.  I topped two portions with mashed sweet potato mixed with a bit of soft cheese and baked it in t'oven and the rest made five portions for the freezer.  Easy meals!

Today's plans:
B:  muesli and fruit (yes, fruit!!)
L:  red pepper hummus, carrot batons, piece of fruit
D:  pasta bolognaise; fruit yogurt
Ss:  apple and baby orange

From the freezer:
The fruit for the muesli
The red pepper hummus
The bolognaise (turkey mince made)

The frugal factor
The muesli was a gift.
The fruit snacks are free as a friend with a sense of humour bought me some!
The hummus was frozen after Christmas
The turkey mince wasn't costly and the mixture is loaded with veg, thickened with lentils and oats.
Really, not bad at all.  Under the £2 for sure


  1. Sounds yummy. I made chilli last week using turkey mince for the first time and husband said how much he enjoyed it...he didn't even realise it wasn't beef. I'd added more spices than usual and a couple of squares of dark chocolate, it was really nice.

    1. It's a sort of generic mix - so I can add chilli, curry, whatever really to turn it into something else. Now I can have my home made frozen pancakes again, I might roll some in a pancake, sprinkle over s bit of grated cheese and have that maybe with a salad. That would be nice - must remember!
      I've never added chocolate - doesn't it taste weird?
      J x

    2. No, not at all weird, Joy, it just gives it a richer, deeper taste. Stuffing pancakes with the mix and sprinkling with cheese sounds good. Mince is so useful isn't it?

    3. Extremely!
      Isn't it a shame you can't buy good dark chocolate in single squares!

  2.'ve reminded me that Gardener's Pie hasn't been on our meal plan for a few weeks - I'd best put that right!
    As for Dark chocolate in anything with mince, it really deepens the flavour somehow, doesn't make it taste chocolate at all - it does need to be a decent quality chocolate though, definitely dark and only a small amount!

    1. I really must try it at some point, thanks.
      J x