Sunday 15 April 2018

Sunday, 15-04-18

Good morning.

The attempt to make a tikka spice mix worked really well so I have posted about it separately.  I have plenty more, safely stored in a jar, for future meals.

Today's plans:
B:  porridge or muesli with yogurt
L: tuna salad
D: beanburger, salad, SW chips, fruit yogurt
Ss:  apples

From the freezer
The bean burgers, made last Tuesday and frozen.
I also got out and thawed a pack of turkey mince which is, as I type, in the slow cooker, gently simmering to delicious softness with tomato, onion, pepper, lentils, oats, various seasoning and thyme and bay from the garden.  It's smelling jolly good too!  It's destined to go back into the freezer and will provide easy meals for the week or so after the op when, maybe, I won't feel like spending much time in the kitchen.

The frugal factor
Just about all of it today.  Even the tuna isn't too expensive and the rest is really very frugal indeed.
Bought bean burgers are so expensive (50p each or more) and they don't taste half as good as my own home made ones!

Home made wins out yet again!


  1. I am learning to cook far more using beans and pulses. I've been pleasantly surprised.

    1. They have a bad reputation but actually they are delicious!
      J x