Tuesday 3 April 2018

Tuesday, 03-04-18

Good morning.

Yesterday's shop was very successful.  I found my coat and bought it (just a titchy bit too small so yippee!), I stocked up with washing stuff and other needed bits and bobs and I didn't impulse buy at all.

Then we pootled along to the allotment.
The rhubarb is coming up strongly and Beth picked some of the early kind for her dinner yesterday.  Such a shame it doesn't really fit into the liver shrinking plan easily.
A few of the leeks have survived the general neglect and will be ready to pick soon.
The chard is coming up strongly again.  It's mostly intended as guinea pig food but I shall use some as a substitute for spinach (because it's free) in appropriate dishes like quiche and curry.  How on earth did it survive the extremely cold weather?
Abd the fruit trees have big, fat buds!  Lovely!  Please - no late frosts to kill the blossom!

And the fruity Caribbean mackerel pasta was really nice.  I was surprised.  Must get some more tins of mackerel in a fruity Caribbean sauce!

Today's plans
B:  porridge and yogurt
L:  crustless quiche (bit of onion, bit of mushroom, bit of red pepper, bit of shredded cooking bacon), shredded lettuce
D:  boiled eggs, toasty soldiers, baby tomatoes; fruit yogurt
Ss:  apples

From the freezer:
Not much.  Just the titchy bit of cooking bacon and the low fat cheese in the quiche as I have some fresh pepper that needs using up..

The frugal factor
Rather a lot of egg today but they are great value so really not a costly day at all today.  The bread for the toast is home made, as is the natural yogurt.

My bank balance may have taken a slight battering yesterday but it was all saved up for and all necessary stuff.  I could have been more frugal and looked round the charity shops but I didn't, I went cheap and cheerful at Matalan and Aldi instead.  :-)


  1. Afternoon Joy

    Pleased that you got everything that was on your shopping list, especially the duffle coat. We're shopping tomorrow, and I shall be looking for tinned sardines. What do you recommended them to be in - sauce, sunflower oil etc.,? Also, the Caribbean mackerel sounds interesting. Was that from a special shop or is it everywhere.

    Weather here today has been (not in any particular order), rain, rain, bit of sun, rain, rain, bit of sun! :-( Layers of clothing still being worn too! Hope it's better where you are.

    Enjoy your evening.


    1. Hi, Carol. Do you have an Aldi because their tinned fish is great value. The Caribbean one I bought in Morrisons and (checking the tin) it's their own brand. I will be getting some more at some point.
      J x

  2. Afternoon Joy

    Many thanks for the information. Yes, we do have an Aldi, will be checking it out, as well as the Morrisons store. We ventured into the city this morning and visited Asda, Tesco and Iceland. Got some things we can't get in our nearest town.

    Have a good afternoon.