Sunday 26 February 2023

Sunday, 26-02-23: low spend February

 Morning, everyone!

Yesterday's meals:
Quite a lot of fruit for breakfast so I nibbled at it through the morning.

The soup mix and veg soup was delicious.  There was enough to blend down for another day but, for now, it will probably go into the freezer

The cheesy mash and corned beef pie was delicious and made, not two, but three portions.  I'll keep one in the fridge for Monday and the other can go into the freezer for later in the week.
Making three portions means that the syns are a bit lower, of course.  Fine by me!
Nothing else - I was full up.

Today's plans

B:  fruit and yogurt
I do love fruit and yogurt and, as it's a big lunch, it's nice and light.
SW:  half a syn if I have a Mullerlight

L:   roast turkey dinner; fruit
Beth and Alex are round and it's the usual - the roasted meat, roasties (potato, parsnips and onion), veg such as carrots, broccoli and sprouts and I will also make some gravy and some cranberry sauce.
SW:  four syns for the gravy and cranberry sauce.  The rest should be speed/free/protein.

D:  loaded spiced turkey pitta, salad; yogurt
The recipe says 'naan' but I will use a pitta instead.  Here it is.
I won't make the pea relish but I might add some feta, seeing as I haven't used any As yet.
SW:  a tbsp mango chutney is one and a half syns and I will count one syn for the curry paste.  The yogurt is half a syn and some feta is one healthy extra A while the pitta is a B

Ex:   Shimmy stretch and something from YouTube.

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
seven and a half syns

What do I mean by low spend?

February is a low spend month.

Through January, I spent very little on non essential food and other items.  The idea was to spend nothing on non food things and I didn't quite achieve that but I was happy with how it went, all the same.
I was so pleased to be able to make some charitable donations as a result; it's so nice to see positive outcomes.

'Essential' means  food such as fresh fruit, veg and dairy/eggs and other essentials including things like cleaning products and toiletries although I think I am fine for the latter, plus anything necessary that comes up through the month

As for all other spending, there are a few items I need but not an awful lot so I'm really hoping it will also be low spend.

(Of course, all regular bills, direct debits, etc, will still be paid as usual)

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