Monday 27 February 2023

The week in meals

     These photos show most of the meals I have had over the last seven days, excluding desserts, snacks, naughty things, etc.

For details of syns, healthy extras, etc, see the individual posts.

Saturday, 18-02-23:
B:  fruit platter
L:  chicken tikka salad pitta
D:  peshawari-style baked chicken thighs, rice

Sunday, 19-02-23
B:  bacon and mushroom omelette with roasted tomatoes
L:  fruity pork steak, roasties and veg
D:  cheese and onion toasties

Monday, 20-02-23
B:  fruit
L:  stuffed peppers and salad
D:  cheese and chutney topped burgers, salad, chips

Tuesday, 21-02-23
B:  pancakes (of course)
L:  the rest of the stuffed pepper and salad
D:  steak with sweet potato fries

Wednesday, 22-02-23
B:  bacon, egg and tomato toastie
L:  chicken salad
D:  cheesy chicken pasta bake

Thursday, 23-02-23
B:  fruit and yogurt
L:  chicken pasta bake
D:  peshawari style chicken, veg

Friday, 24-02-23
B:  fruit and yogurt (and taster at group)
L:  chicken patties, salad
D:  lost it a bit, I'm afraid so ooops, line drawn!

And that's the end of another delicious week on Slimming World!

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