Monday 17 May 2021

Monday, 17-05-21

 Good morning.
Things went well yesterday although I've realised how much I take my well appointed kitchen for granted.  The one here is OK if you stick to beans on toast or ping meals but otherwise rather limited.  No complaints, I enjoy the challenge.

What I ate yesterday:

This was breakfast and it was delicious.  I didn't have the yogurt so that's half a syn paid back!

I didn't take a photo of lunch so here's a photo of what I was looking at while I ate it.
I had a cheese roll and a finger salad.  I didn't eat the apple.

Later on, back at the studio, I spread primula on the other white roll and ate that - so I had both my healthy extras and around seven more syns.
This was dinner, corned beef hash, and it was most satisfying.  Not in the least refined, just good, hearty, flavourful food.  Mind you, it nearly wasn't - I had a real struggle opening the can of corned beef; the key didn't work and the can opener here is pretty useless.  I should have brought my own from home but never mind, it could be worse.
I kept a couple of slices of corned beef back from the hash and that will be my roll filling tomorrow lunch.

I was too full up to want the yogurt.
So today I haven't had two yogurts and an apple that were planned and I had less corned beef but I did have the extra roll and I finished the day off with an Options choccy drink - I reckon the calories will balance, even if the nutrition doesn't.
Today's plans:

B:  a cooked breakfast - bacon, sausage, egg, tomatoes and mushrooms
I have tqken an early morning walk to the butcher and come back with bacon, sausage and chicken
SW:  all speed, free and protein except for the sausage and, really, I have no idea as it's made at the butchers.

L:  corned beef roll, salad; fruit
Another picnic, hopefully eaten at Orford Castle.  If the weather is bad, it might be in the car or even wait until I get back again.
SW:  the roll is my healthy extra B choice, two syns for spread and one syn for lean corned beef.  The rest is speed or free

D:  Chinese chicken and veg curry with wholegrain rice; yogurt
What it says really although I might add a few chilli flakes for a bit more ooomph.
SW:  three and a half syns for the curry sauce, one and a half for half a pouch of wholegrain rice and half a syn for dessert

Body Magic:  lots of walking

no healthy extra As
one healthy extra B
eight and a half syns plus the sausage

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