Wednesday 19 May 2021

Wednesday, 19-05-21

 Good morning!
There were no comments about a proposed name change so I'm assuming that is OK.  I know I don't get many comments (more would be lovely) but the statistics tell me people are reading so thank you very much for that!

Yesterday, as feared, ended up badly.  The little nips of gin at the tasting set off the nibblies and I ended up not having the planned dinner which is now in the fridge for this evening.  That's life!

What I ate yesterday:

A tasty fruit platter.   Yum!
Bacon roll with salad for lunch.

I'm not going to reveal what I had later on.   Suffice it to say it was unhealthy, un-Slimming World and I now wish I hadn't, but there you go!

Today's plans:

B:  fruit platter and yogurt
I have to finish off the pineapple today and various other bits and bobs as well.
SW:  half a syn for the yogurt

L:  ham, cheese salad roll, finger salad; apple
The cheese will be some cheese spread instead of the half fat butter I usually have.
SW:  one healthy extra A and one B

D:  chicken and veg in white sauce, jacket potato, broccoli; yogurt
Same as yesterday
SW:  one syn for the can of chicken and half for dessert

Body Magic:  strolling around Framlingham castle and a walk along the beach later on, weather permitting.

one healthy extra A
one healthy extra B
two syns


  1. You are allowed to over indulge once in a while, especially on a long awaited holiday. No need to feel guilty about it xx

    1. I don't, not really. It's a fact that I'm having a lovely time and I can deal with repercussions! :-)

  2. My apologies, Joy, I like the sound of the 'delicious' name change. You know you've no need to beat yourself up about indulging whilst on holiday, it's not a crime! Just enjoy whatever you choose to eat, it's only one week out of your life. xx

    1. Thanks, Sooze. I'm certainly having a good time. :-)