Thursday 20 May 2021

Thursday, 20-05-21

 Good morning!

What I ate yesterday:

A bit low on photos.  I wasn't feeling in the least bit hungry so I skipped breakfast and I decided to have a nibble at Framlingham Castle so that just leaves dinner.

Even that isn't an amazing photo but, actually, it tasted really good.  The can of chicken in a white sauce was, of itself, quite bland, but I pepped it up with some softened onion, red pepper, mushroom and baby corn with some garlic granules and some chilli flakes and it worked a treat.  It would make a nice pie filling or eaten with pasta or some roasted root veg as a base.

My plans for today:
B:  bacon, egg  tomatoes and mushrooms
My standard cooked SW friendly breakfast and one I very much enjoy, especially when the bacon is so very tasty.
SW:  free

L:  cheese and ham roll, finger salad; fruit
As planned yesterday and not taken.
SW:  one A and one B

D:  fish and chips
Totally off plan and I won't regret a single mouthful.  The Little Fish and Chip Shop sells the best fish and chips ever and I am going to so enjoy this!
I ought to have it Friday but I want something alcoholic with it and I will be driving home Saturday morning.

BodyMagic:  more walking.  My legs ought to be stronger after this week and that's a fact.

No summary!  Well, would you?
SW has this crazy idea of how to make chippie fish and chips SW friendly.  Skip the chips and discard the batter, they say.   What!?  Not a chance.

One more day after today and then it's back on track.   I'm afraid there will be some ground to make up but never mind, I'm on holiday and I'm really enjoying myself.


  1. Your breakfast would suit me down to he ground. I bought some cheap bacon last week but never again. It's mouth puckeringly salty. Far better to pay a bit more and thoroughly enjoy it.

    1. I'm sure it would, it was absolutely delicious!